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In todays era having a website is essential for your brands online presence. It's not about simply having a website but also making sure it operates smoothly remains secure and continues to cater to your audience seamlessly. Just imagine owning a sports car. Never taking it for regular servicing. Obviously it won't perform at its best right? The same goes for your website. With technology constantly evolving, staying updated is crucial to avoid it from becoming outdated.. This is where our excellent WordPress maintenance service comes into play. We not ensure that your website stays up to date but also prioritize its performance and security. Dive in further to discover why consistent maintenance is vital, for a WordPress website.

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    Why should you always keep your website up to date?

    Even if a website with WordPress is crafted swiftly and possesses inherent security, there are significant factors to contemplate. Given the immense popularity and ubiquity of WordPress, it becomes a frequent target for hackers. Notably, if WordPress and the integrated plugins and themes aren't updated regularly, hackers find it an easier prey.

    In today's digital realm, your website acts as the foundational pillar of your brand's online identity. It transcends just having an online platform; it's about its efficient operation, fortified security, and unerring service to your audience. Imagine owning a luxury sedan and neglecting its regular maintenance – would it perform at its best? Likewise, your website needs unwavering attention. With the relentless progression of technology, staying updated becomes non-negotiable. This is where our affordable website maintenance service, tailor-made for WordPress, steps in. Beyond updates, we vouch for unmatched performance and robust security. Venture further and discover the compelling benefits of our WordPress care packages.


    The paramount reason for choosing our WordPress maintenance service is the fortified security it offers. Regularly updating plugins, themes, and the core WordPress system seals potential vulnerabilities, posing a challenge for hackers attempting to infiltrate your website. And with our service, you benefit from consistent backups, an added security layer.


    With each update from our affordable website maintenance service, existing glitches and compatibility issues are resolved. For instance, concerns about your site's display become a thing of the past.

    New Functions

    The WordPress ecosystem is dynamic, perpetually introducing features that enhance user experience. This holds true for both plugins and themes. Our WordPress care service packages ensure you're always at the forefront of these innovations.


    Optimizing your website's speed is an indirect benefit of regular updates. A quicker website not only elevates user experience but also boosts your Google ranking.


    Affordable WordPress Maintenance Service Packages

    In the intricate web of the digital landscape, managing and maintaining your site can be a daunting task. It requires expertise, time, and dedication. By entrusting your site's upkeep and security to our team of seasoned professionals, you ensure it remains in expert hands. We dedicate ourselves to the intricate details, from timely updates to thwarting potential threats, letting you channel your energy and resources into your core business activities. Embrace peace of mind knowing your online presence is consistently optimized, secure, and in alignment with the latest industry standards.


    30 €* per monht
    • Real-time backups
    • Monthly updates
    • Securing the website
    • Premium plugins included
         detailed information below
    • Troubleshooting for updates
         max. 1 hour per month
    • Optional: Online store
         plus 10 € per month


    45 €* per month
    • Real-time backups
    • Weekly updates
    • Securing the website
    • Premium plugins included
         detailed information below
    • Troubleshooting for updates
         max. 1 hour per month
    • Optional: Online store
         plus 10 € per month


    95 €* per month
    • Real-time backups
    • Updates within 24 hours
         for security-related updates
    • Securing the website
    • Premium plugins included
         detailed information below
    • Troubleshooting for updates
         max. 2 hour per month
    • Optional: Online store
         plus 20 € per month

    Steps for a Seamless Update

    WordPress updates can occasionally introduce unexpected challenges. For those leaning towards a custom website maintenance service, relying solely on the "Update now" option or automatic updates isn't recommended for professional sites.

    To avoid a total loss of your website the following steps are necessary:

    • 1


      Starting with a comprehensive backup is the bedrock of any WordPress maintenance service. This ensures all your data, from posts to media files, are safely stored away. Should any issues arise during updates or maintenance, a backup allows for the swift restoration of your site to its former state. Never underestimate the value of this initial safeguard; it's the insurance you'll be thankful for.

    • 2

      Staging Site

      For websites that see high traffic or have intricate functionalities, setting up a staging site is highly advised. This is a replica of your live site, offering a sandbox environment to test updates and changes without affecting the user experience on the main website. As part of our custom website maintenance service, we recommend this step for businesses who cannot afford any downtime or glitches.

    • 3

      Disable Caching

      Caching plugins are brilliant for speeding up WordPress sites by storing frequently used data to serve up to users quickly. However, before executing significant updates, it's pivotal to disable these plugins. Leaving them active could present skewed results, making you think updates are error-free when they're not. By deactivating caching, our affordable website maintenance service ensures you're seeing real-time changes during the update process.

    • 4

      Update Themes and Plugins

      The digital world is ever-evolving, and the tools you use, namely plugins and themes, need regular updates to stay compatible and secure. Before diving into the WordPress core update, initiate with plugins and themes. This ensures they're fully compatible with the newest WordPress version, optimizing your site's functionality and security. Remember, neglecting this can lead to compatibility issues, which could break site features.

    • 5

      Update WordPress

      With themes and plugins up to date, it's time to move to the core—WordPress itself. Regularly updating WordPress is crucial to benefit from the latest features, improvements, and security patches. As part of our WordPress maintenance customized service packages, we ensure that your core system is always current, offering the best in terms of performance and security.

    • 6

      Site Review

      Post-update, a meticulous review of the site is indispensable. This isn't just about ensuring that pages load but verifying that all functionalities, from contact forms to e-commerce checkouts, operate flawlessly. Our comprehensive post-update review checks all the nooks and crannies, ensuring that your user experience remains top-notch.

    • 7

      Conclude the Update

      Once satisfied with the update's success, it's time to wrap things up. This means reactivating any caching plugins to restore your site's speed. If updates were performed on a staging site, now's the time to sync those updates to your live site. With our affordable WordPress maintenance service, this process is streamlined and efficient, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruptions.

    Software We Use to Optimize Your Website Free of Charge

    Our commitment to delivering a top-tier digital experience doesn't end at just maintenance. We've curated a list of premier software tools designed to optimize your website. These are all part of our package, ensuring you get the best without incurring extra charges.


    Only Premium Themes: Opting for premium ensures you benefit from regular updates, reduced technical glitches, faster speeds, and enhanced compatibility.

    • Beaver Builder Theme: Tailored for precision and flexibility in design.
    • Astra Pro: Renowned for its lightweight structure and seamless performance.

    Premium Plugins

    Website Creation/Adjustments

    At the heart of our web design approach lies a commitment to quality and performance. We proudly utilize a selection of industry-leading premium plugins to craft websites that stand out and perform impeccably.

    • Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version): The definitive tool for creating and adjusting visually stunning pages.
    • Beaver Themer: Enables detailed customization without diving into the code.
    • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder: An expansive set of modules to extend your site's functionality.
    • Schema Pro: Enhance your site's visibility with schema markup—drive more traffic and achieve better search engine ranking.
    • Convert Pro: Transform your site's visitors into leads and sales with this advanced conversion tool.
    • Translate Press Pro:
      • Including SEO Optimization: Ensure that every language version of your site is optimized for search engines.
      • Automated Translation: Seamless translation without manual input.
      • Multiple Languages: Expand your reach globally with support for a myriad of languages.
      • Translator Accounts: Offer dedicated accounts for translators, simplifying the content translation process.

    SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

    Navigating the digital marketplace requires a dual focus: drawing users in with effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and then converting those visits into actionable results. To accomplish this, we incorporate a suite of industry-leading tools tailored to maximize your website's visibility and optimize the user journey for conversions.

    • Schema Pro: Elevate your site's SEO potential with schema markup. By enhancing visibility, you can drive increased traffic and secure a superior ranking in search engine results.
    • Convert Pro: Every visitor to your site represents potential business. With Convert Pro, we seamlessly transform casual visits into tangible leads and sales, bolstering your conversion rates.
    • AB Split Test: In the realm of CRO, data is king. AB Split Test empowers us to run controlled tests, refining webpage elements to determine the most effective strategies for driving conversions.

    Website Security

    In today's digital realm, robust website security is non-negotiable. We prioritize your site's defense, deploying premium plugins to ensure it remains impervious to threats, safeguarding your data and maintaining consistent service for your visitors.

    • iThemes Security Pro: Fortify your website against potential threats, ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted service.

    Speed Optimization

    In the fast-paced digital world, speed isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. Beyond swift load times, the efficiency of visual elements is pivotal. We employ the following tools to ensure your website is both lightning-fast and visually impeccable.

    • WP Rocket: One of the industry's finest caching plugins, guaranteeing your website loads with blazing speed, enhancing the user experience and boosting your SEO rankings.
    • Imagify: An essential tool for web image optimization, it ensures your visuals load swiftly without compromising on quality, contributing to a seamless user experience.
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    Data protection
    domra Web Development LLC, Owner: Dominik Rauch (Registered business address: United States (US)), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.